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The Discovery Health Care Foundation / Eastlink Telethon
raised $83,161

The Discovery Health Care Foundation is extremely appreciative of the many volunteers and donors who contributed to make our Annual Discovery Health Care Foundation / Eastlink Telethon a huge success.  You helped raise $83,161 towards our Mental Health Campaign and towards 2 Cuddle Beds for the Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital.  Special thanks to our Corporate Sponsors:  Eastlink & The Packet.  Thank you to Cory Lawrence, Chelsea Jacobs & Mitch Corbett of Eastlink who produced our Telethon, & Craig Pond for helping out on camera.  Eastlink Event Centre staff.  Eastlink for providing the phone lines.  A very special thank you to Frank Newcombe and Brad Simmonds for organizing the singers and sound system;  Richard Churchill for hosting the entertainment and accepting presentations, you did a fantastic job as always;  thanks to all our entertainers –Gary Hart, Darren Seward, Terry Seward, Richard Churchill, Mikayla Little, Harve Bishop, Grant Pelley & Kira Skinner, Joe Whiffen, Sophia Sheppard, Don Stead, Don Hillier, Bob Greenland & George Coward, Stephen Best & Leeland Wareham - it was great listening to all of you; thank you to all our committee members; thank you to Lions Clubs and representatives from:  Arnold’s Cove, Sunnyside, Come By Chance, Bonavista, Port Union, Port Rexton, Fort Point, Southwest Arm, Bloomfield / Musgravetown, Clarenville & Random; thank you to Bonavista Lions and their volunteers for setting up in Bonavista taking pledges, we greatly appreciate it; all volunteers who helped out on the day of, we could never do it without you (I’m not going to try and name everybody because I’m afraid I would miss someone) - Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital Auxiliary for helping out on the phones and mailing; Bell Aliant Pioneers – Fort Point  Lions & Random Lions; .   thanks to our hosts – Kevin Parsons – Chair of the Foundation, Bruce Mercer – Vice Chair, board member – Clare Halleran, Elaine Warren, VP Clinical Services for Eastern Health, Loretta Ryan, Fred Best, Richard Churchill, Rev. Edison Wiltshire, Clarenville Mayor Frazer Russell, Bonavista Mayor John Norman; Thank you to all our donors, without you this would not be possible.  We will be posting photos and presentations on our facebook page - Discovery Health Care Foundation.  It’s never too late to make a donation, just visit our facebook page and follow the “Donate” link. 

Lions Clubs that were unable to present on the day were:
            Arnold's Cove - $100
            Come By Chance - $100
            Bloomfield/Musgravetown - $500
            Fort Point - $200
            Sunnyside - $250
            Port Rexton - $500
Royal Canadian Legion Bonavista - $100

“Thank you for helping all of us stay healthy and happy”!


Sunday, May 1, 2022
1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Tune in to Eastlink Channel 610
and listen to entertainment from all the region

To pledge or donate, please call:
Clarenville Area:      433-3017
Bonavista Area:        468-2300 




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Discovery Health Care Foundation
67 Manitoba Drive
Clarenville, NL, A5A 1K3