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Clarenville Rotary
donates $1,500

The Rotary Club of Clarenville has donated $1,500 towards the cost of an NRP Baby for the Neonatal Resuscitation Program for the  Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital.  The Neonatal Resuscitation Program is a program that provides health care professionals with the essential skills they require to properly receive and care for a newborn baby following a delivery.  The skills a health professional  acquires with this program vary from basic to complex resuscitation measures.  All staff of our OBS Unit are required to have certification in this course.  The current teaching NRP Baby allows them to practice only the most basic skills needed for resuscitation. 

In order to practice and become competent with their advanced skills such as intubation of the newborn they must borrow a teaching mannequin from the NRP Program in St. John’s.  This mannequin is not readily available to them when completing the NRP courses.   

The Discovery Health Care Foundation is extremely appreciative of your continued support and we extend our sincere thanks.  Pictured above from left to right are: Ern Warren, Joe Twyne – Secretary, Richard Power – President, Linda Simmonds, Michelle Cantu, Geoff Bailey, Lino O’Keefe, Graham Bursey & Karen Bursey. 

“Thank you for helping us all stay healthy and happy"!