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There are many ways to make a planned gift and one of the most popular is through a bequest in your will.  You can either make a new will or write an amendment (ie. a codicil) to your existing will.

A gift of property produces a tax receipt at the fair market value.  Gifts of appreciated property such as gifts of art, real estate and especially publicly traded securities, have special tax benefits. 

You can make a gift a specific dollar amount or property, or your gift can be a portion of your estate remaining after you have provided for your family and loved ones. 

Everyone can leave a gift.  "Estate" is simply a word used to describe everything that you own at the time of our death.  Most people leave an estate when they die, even though they may not have a great deal of wealth. 

A memorial gift is a wonderful way to recognize someone who has made a difference in your life. 

You can give an in-memoriam gift anytime you wish or this kind of gift can be arranged in your Will, you just need to make it clear that the gift is given in memory of a particular person, or for a special use. 

Our Mission Is

"to promote quality health care by raising funds and awareness to assist  the health care facilities of Clarenville & Bonavista". 

Since 1986, the Discovery Health Care Foundation has helped thousands of patients stay healthy.  We rely on your help to purchase life saving medical equipment.  Your financial assistance is essential to support this important work.  You may be unaware that you can leave a gift in your Will or a gift of life insurance to the Discovery Health Care Foundation so that together we can continue this valuable work.  In addition to making a difference to health care, there are also valuable tax benefits associated with bequests. 




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Must you have an estate in order to leave a gift?


Who can help you arrange for a gift?

          If you have a professional advisor you're working with (ie. like a financial or estate planner, lawyer, accountant,

          trust officer or insurance agent), please talk with him or her about leaving a gift, or the Foundation can provide

          you with further information. 

          A professional advisor can also tell you about the tax benefits of planned gifts. An advisor can make sure you

          are getting the maximum tax and legal advantages allowed for your gift. 

3 things you can do TODAY to leave a gift

           1.     Leave a gift in your Will for the charity that made a difference in your life.  Imagine the positive

                   impact on our community if everyone made a gift from their estate. 

                  (a)     Leave a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the assets in your Will to a charity of your choice. 

                           Your gift of money can be for a specific use or in memory of a person. 

                   (b)    Leave a gift of property in your Will, which can also be in memory of a person or for a specific 

           2.     Life insurance is a small investment over time. 

                   (a)    Name your favorite charity as the beneficiary of an existing or paid-up life insurance 

                   (b)    Purchase a new life insurance policy naming your favourite charity as the beneficiary. 

           3.      Spread the word to others. 

                   (a)     Encourage family and friend to leave gifts to charities in their Wills. 

Gifts in a Will


Gifts of Life Insurance


Your Gift is a Lasting Tribute

      To learn more please speak to your financial advisor or for further information contact: 

Discovery Health Care Foundation
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Tel:  (709) 466-5231
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A gift of life insurance allows you to make a large gift in the future by paying small premium payments now.  Both new and existing policies can be transferred to Discovery Health Care Foundation in a way that will save you taxes.