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Discovery Health Care Foundation 

Health care is a priority for us all.  At the Discovery Health Care Foundation, our commitment to improving the health of people within our area of the region is well known. 

Since 1989, we have raised funds for the area of the region served by Eastern Health that includes the Bonavista Peninsula and the Clarenville area.  This area incorporates a population of 30,000 in 96 communities. 

Our commitment to Eastern Health facilities in this area is reflected in the $6 million that has been raised by the Foundation to date.  Mental Health & Addictions Project, medical equipment such as a Direct Digital Radiography Unit, CT scanner, Mammogram, Ultrasound, a Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, and a Haematology System, equipment for the two Operating Rooms, the Labour Delivery Rooms, the Emergency Room and the Dialysis Unit, are in our region thanks to the generosity of individuals, corporation and foundations that have supported our efforts.  

As Chair of the Discovery Health Care Foundation, I am proud of our work to date and our relationships with our donors and our volunteers.  I am also proud of the hospitals, long-term care units/facilities and Protective Care Units that we serve.   I look forward to building upon our success and working together to ensure that health care remains a priority for us all.

After learning about our commitment to health care, I know you will be as proud of the Discovery Health Care Foundation as I am.                                                         

Kevin Parsons
Discovery Health Care Foundation