The Lambert Family
donates to
Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital

A big heartfelt thank you goes out to the Lambert family for their donation of $500 to the Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital.  This donation is in memory of the late Mr. Max Lambert who passed away in October.  Mr. Lambert spent a week at the hospital and the family says he couldn’t have been treated any better.  Mrs. Lambert and her family want to say a special thank you to the nurses and Dr. Paul Salomon who attended to him, and not only did they look after his needs, they also looked after the family’s needs, they are truly grateful.  The family was also appreciative of the new Sunshine Protective Care Rooms at the hospital.  The Discovery Health Care Foundation wishes to extend our deepest sympathy in the loss of their loved one and also thank them for their generous donation.  Pictured above is Dallas Marsh & Mrs. Edith Lambert – daughter and wife of the late Mr. Max Lambert. 

“Thank you for helping others stay healthy and happy right here”!

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