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Kitchen Party
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Bonavista Peninsula Dialysis Unit



The Kitchen Party has been performing since 2006 and over those 10 years they donated $18,000 towards the Dialysis Unit in Bonavista when it was just a hope, but they were determined.  The new Dialysis Unit is now up and running at the Bonavista Peninsula Health Care Center and it is beautiful.  $11,000 has now been spent from the money that was donated by the Kitchen Party - there was a Blanket Warmer (pictured above) and an Ice Machine purchased for the new dialysis unit.  It is thanks to this caring group of people, who never gave up, that made this all possible.  Pictured above from left to right is:  Lily Hookey and Bernice Vokey, members of the Kitchen Party.  The Discovery Health Care Foundation wishes to thank each and every one of you for your generous donations. 

“Thank you for helping others stay healthy and happy right here”!