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Hebron Project Employer’s Association
donates $20,000
to Discovery Health Care Foundation


 On November 27th, the Hebron project marked one year since safely achieving first oil and to recognize the anniversary, Hebron Project Employer’s Association (HPEA) made donations to 10 local charities and Discovery Health Care Foundation is proud to be one of those charities.  On hand at the event were representatives from Hebron operator ExxonMobil Canada, co-venturers (Chevron Canada, Suncor, Equinor Canada and Nalcor Energy), the Hebron Project Employers Association and 10 local charities.  --  The Hebron platform was towed to the Grand Banks in June 2017 and achieved first oil on November 27 of that year. In its first year of operations Hebron has drilled seven wells and produced 20 million barrels of oil.  --  Carman Mullins, President of ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. says "we are so proud of what we have accomplished with Hebron, it is a world-class facility and a significant asset for the province. On the anniversary of first oil, Hebron is pleased to show appreciation for the incredible support we have received from the community by supporting these local organizations."  --  Steve Graves, Executive Director, HPEA says "the Hebron employers at Bull Arm played a huge role in the successful construction of the platform. With our work completed, the HPEA is pleased to donate funds to these charities that carry out such important work for the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador."  --  Thank you HPEA for your generous donation. 

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